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Fair Trade Sand Gekko » £1.75 - Fair Trade Party Bag Gifts

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Sand Gekko


These cute sand-filled gekkos are sure to become a favourite pet.� Ideal as a stocking or party bag filler.

Length 15cm

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Holly21 » Read all my reviews

Location: United Kingdom Norwich, Norfolk

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Date: 25/11/2010

Sand Gekkos

if you've bought the sand frogs then you'll know how cute these little sand toys are. If you haven't then I highly recomend these little Gekko's as stocking filler's, teacher's christmas presents or even party bag fillers. 

They're well worth the price and being filled with sand instead of little polystyrene balls they have some weight to them and they make great bean bags and shelf toys or they'll even sit happily on your pillow.

If you have bought a sand frog or snake buy them a friend and get a Gekko!!