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About Us

What is Fair Trade?

Simply, "fair trade" is a transparent trading partnership that seeks greater equity in International trade and focuses on people, not just profits.  The Fairtrade Federation has nine principles for fair trade:

  • Create opportunities for marginalized producers
  • Develop transparent relationships
  • Build capacity
  • Promote fair trade
  • Pay promptly and fairly
  • Support empowering working conditions
  • Ensure children’s rights
  • Cultivate environmental stewardship
  • Respect cultural identity

Our product range has been chosen in the main from suppliers or manufacturers who have been certified as working with these principles either by the Fairtrade Foundation, the World Fair Trade Organisation or by BAFTS, the British Association for Fair Trade Shops.

Fair Trade Gifts Direct

Making an ethical choice and buying products that provide more to the people who make them or who provide the raw ingredients is becoming increasingly important to many people.  We are keen to showcase some of the best fair trade products from around the world, available at reasonable prices - gifts that we would be delighted to be given ourselves, from beautiful toiletries to ornate carvings and fun gifts for children.

We have spoken to our suppliers, made visits to warehouses and hand selected the products that we liked best - everything is checked carefully before being posted and we make every effort to pack products so they get to you in the very best condition and in fact we recycle as much of our packaging as possible to help achieve this.

We hold real products in stock and have regular gift evenings, together with attending local fairs and community events. 

If you want any further information about any of our products, are interested in supporting what we do or just have some constructive feedback then please do get in touch.