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Fair Trade Hamper Basket Set » £9.99 - Fair Trade Christmas Gifts

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Hamper Basket Set


This Fair Trade Hamper Basket set of 3 baskets is a great storage solution and is perfect for making gift hampers to give at Christmas or for birthdays. They are great value for money and can also be purchased individually.

The hamper baskets are ethically produced in Bangladesh by small community groups who make the most of what is grown locally. Kaisa grass is a sustainable crop, which when woven with split palm leaves produces beautiful high quality baskets.

Kaisa grows on the banks of rivers during the monsoon season, reaching a height of up to 3 feet when mature. Its roots are able to re-grow after the grass has been harvested and left to dry in the sun. The dried grass is then stored and used all through the year.

Approximate dimensions: Largest Basket: Height 13cm, Length 32cm, Width 25cm

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Holly21 » Read all my reviews

Location: United Kingdom Norwich, Norfolk

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Date: 26/11/2010

Hamper basket Set

This is a must have set of storage baskets, they look good on display on stored away they're each a good size capable of storing every thing from tolietries,sationary CD's to keys and all the things you pull out of your pockets at the end of the day and have no idea where to put...i bought these baskets to give as gifts but now i need to buy some more. if you want to give them as gifts you can split them up and put useful things in them to give as gifts or simply give them as they are and let the person your buying them for have the fun of filling them up and emptying drawers that haven't seen the light of day since who knows when... Even the smallest is a great size i now have all my manicure and nail varnish in one place for the first time ever, seriously great value for money you can also buy the different sizes seperatly so i suggest if your thinking about getting these useful goodlooking baskets you do it now,before i buy them all.