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Fair Trade Sports Massage Balm » £5.99 - Fair Trade Product

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Sports Massage Balm


Refreshing Yonjai Spa massage balm for tired, aching muscles which can also be used as a heel balm.  Similar to Tiger Balm but in a giant tin and much better value! 

70 gram balm, tin diameter 7.5cm

Made in Thailand by the Suan Plu Women's Co-operative.

Ingredients: Bee's Wax, Carnation 70, Olive Oil, Camphor, Menthol

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Holly21 » Read all my reviews

Location: United Kingdom Norwich, Norfolk

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Date: 02/01/2011

sports massage balm

This is a fabulous product - we've thrown out the heat and freeze sprays and are now using this.  I can use it on my son (I did do a skin patch test first) he's 11 and it works really well when he's suffering from growing pains in his legs, my other half is using it on his lower back and shoulders and I'm using it on pretty much most of the joints that hurt or ache including my knee and thumb joint so you really can use it anywhere... almost!!! I have also used a very small amount on my forehead when I start to get a head. THIS HAS NOT been suggested by anybody with a medical background, it's just something I tried and found worked for me... if in doubt ask your doctor!!!!!!!!!!

I will certainly be keeping this in the first aid box and acording to it's list of ingredient's is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.