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Fair Trade Sand Frogs » £1.59 - Fair Trade Party Bag Gifts

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Sand Frogs


These lovely sand-filled frogs will sit on your shoulder for hours without hopping off and will quickly become your best friend.  A perfect stocking and party bag filler.

Length 10cm

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Holly21 » Read all my reviews

Location: United Kingdom Norwich, Norfolk

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Date: 27/11/2010

Sand Frogs

I bought one of these for my 10yr old and he thought it was great,because he thought it looked more realistic than most others i got him a light green one, and because it's filled with sand and not polystyrene balls i think there safer too. They would make great stocking fillers, small gifts or even party bag gift for a boys birthday.

My husband wants one to put in the car because he says they look like their smiling and cheerful. Use it as a bean bag, sit it on your computer to keep you company or let him sleep on your pillow...

Definitely a great buy I will be buying more as stocking fillers!!!